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PostSubject: Hazelnut Bridge   Hazelnut Bridge Icon_minitimeWed Dec 10, 2008 9:21 pm

Prolouge~The city of Los Diego has never been better until Hailey the 13 year old has a sweet and sour summer.Characters~Jamie the mom works as a lawyer and a part time Wal-Mart worker.Ashton the dad is a doctor at Los Angeles and he's a part time zoo keeper.Kennedy~Is a 19 year old and he goes to collage in San Diego and he's working to become a zoo keeper.Samantha~Is a 15 year old who is in twelveth grade and skipped 1st,10th and 11th grade.Hailey~The 13 year old in seventh grade and she helps charity.Kim and Tammy~Are twins and are 5 years old and in Kindergarden.Chapter 1:Hailey Batox was happy for the last day of school and she had a feeling that it would be best.Hailey put on her frilly orange dress,Black mary janes and her fancy purple socks she grabbed her black bookbag and ran downstairs to breakfast.Jamie the mom carefully set down Cherrios infront of my seat with orange juice and a bowl of Cocoa Puffs infront of Kim and Tammy.Kennedy ran into the kitchen and sat down and ate his toast,Cherrios,pancakes and eggs and ran out the door."Bye guys i'll see you in collage Samantha!"Kennedy yelled behind his shoulder.Kim jumped out of her seat and ran around her chair.Tammy rolled her eyes and got out of her chair.I heard the bus pull up so i grabbed my toast and ran downstairs without saying bye.I got in school and ran to my locker.
Chapter 2:I was heading to class when i heard a thud behind me.Will be countinued.

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PostSubject: Re: Hazelnut Bridge   Hazelnut Bridge Icon_minitimeWed Dec 10, 2008 9:35 pm

Wow that's awesome! I love it. Smile

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Hazelnut Bridge
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